Vertical herb garden ideas for apartment dwellers

Hanging Shelves with Terra-Cotta Pots

The HomeMade Modern vertical herb garden exhibit is stunning and easy to make. With a 4-inch hole saw, circular holes are bored into cheap wood planks

Upcycled Metal Ammunition-Box Herb Garden

Repurpose metal mailboxes or file boxes by cutting holes on their sides and attaching them to chains using bolts.

Repurposed Spice Rack Herb Garden

Garden blogger Chris McLaughlin of Laughing Crow & Co spotted one at a yard sale for $3 and decided it needed to be a vertical herb planter immediately.

Repurposed Hanging File-Organizer Garden

Office materials make great planters sometimes. Inspired by Charm's hanging file organizer vertical vegetable garden is lovely.

Wall-Mounted Pipe-and-Metal Hanging Planters

The hanging metal trough planters were store-bought, but little galvanized gutters strung with natural sisal rope may achieve a similar look.

Hanging Shoe-Organizer Garden

Farm and Foundry's vertical garden is simple and cheap. Your shoe collection will become filthy when you turn that over-the-door canvas pocket organizer

Freestanding Hanging Gutter Herb Planter

Beautifully painted PVC gutters strung by colorful rope from an easy-to-build wooden frame create great planters.