The 8 Most Terrifying Cults From Around the World

Jonestown Tragedy:

The Jonestown massacre, led by Jim Jones, stands as a harrowing testament to the dangers of unchecked power within cults. Over 900 lives, including innocent children, were lost in a mass suicide.

FLDS Extremism:

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, under Warren Jeffs, descended into depravity, with child marriages and expulsion of young boys to maintain control over young girls.

Children of God:

The Children of God cult exploited religious fervor, promoting a disturbing mix of polyamory and Christianity. Tragic tales of abuse and exploitation emerged from its ranks, highlighting the darkest side of fanaticism.

Westboro Baptist Church:

Known for its hate-filled protests, the Westboro Baptist Church operates on the fringes of Christianity, spreading vitriol and condemnation. Their actions, particularly at military funerals, reveal a cult-like devotion to their radical beliefs.

MLM Schemes:

Multi-Level Marketing schemes prey on financial vulnerability, promising riches while ensnaring many in debt. Their promotion of unproven remedies over conventional medicine adds another layer of danger.

Twelve Tribes:

A disturbing blend of child labor, racism, and religious fervor, the Twelve Tribes group has been accused of various forms of abuse. Their controversial practices and recruitment methods draw widespread condemnation.

American Evangelicalism:

Stories of manipulation and abuse haunt the world of American Evangelicalism, driving many away from these fervent communities. Reports of physical and emotional mistreatment underscore the dark side of religious zeal.

The Manson Family:

The Manson Family's gruesome acts, fueled by Charles Manson's twisted beliefs, shocked the world with their brutality. Manson's apocalyptic visions and race war fantasies added another layer of horror to their crimes.