The 8 Most Beautiful Mountain Lakes In The United States To Visit in 2024

Grinnell Lake Glacier National Park Montana

Speaking of Glacier NP, Grinnell Lake is one of the most popular day-trip experiences in the park for a reason. The moderate hike or relaxing boat ride to get there, and the sparkling turquoise waters when you arrive draw in the crowds.

Finger Lakes New York

It's not just the West Coast and Pacific Northwest that boasts incredible mountain lakes. In fact, some of the most accessible and beautiful options exist on the East Coast. The Finger Lakes in New York offer the perfect combination of comfort

Lake Powell Utah / Arizona Line

Though they're not your typical green mountains, Lake Powell is surrounded by beautiful, red clay mountains that add dramatic backdrops. The human-made lake is filled with impossibly blue water, run through the red sandstone banks.

Lake Blanche Utah

A nearly endless world of natural beauty in all forms, Utah also boasts some of the most impressive mountain lakes in the country. Lake Blanche is one such natural attraction, with stunning backdrop mountains from the Twin Peaks Wilderness Area slipping skyward behind.

Lake Tahoe California / Nevada

Perhaps one of the most famous lakes in the USA, Lake Tahoe also happens to be one of the most accessible and beautiful mountain lakes in the nation. The crystal clear waters and a plethora of popular water sports and local activities

Lake Champlain Vermont / New York

At one time, Lake Champlain was considered the Sixth Great Lake. Bridging the border between Vermont and New York, this stunning body of water stretches some 125 miles, with a depth of 400 feet in some spots.

Saint Mary Lake Glacier National Park Montana

Tucked into the panoramic postcard views of Glacier National Park, Saint Mary Lake offers stunning beauty to all who will gather near. The second largest lake within the park's bounds, the beautiful lake welcomes swimmers (though, it's chilly!)

Alice Lake Idaho

If incredible views, breathtaking hikes, and impressive waterfalls are your thing, then hiking to Alice Lake in the Sawtooth Wilderness will be your next great adventure plan. The cascading falls and stunning peaks along the hike to the lake are only part of the attraction to the incredible lake