How to get fresh hair after the gym without washing

Apply Dry Shampoo

In addition to stretching, your pre-workout preparation should include dry shampoo if washing your hair afterward isn't possible. First, separate your hair and dry wash the roots before putting it in a ponytail

2 minute blowout

Whether you're putting in extensions before going out or touching up your roots with mascara because you didn't have time for a colour touch up.

Embrace the grit: slicked back ponytail

Slicked-back buns, which emanate elegance and grace, are undervalued. Why battle your greasy hair when you can embrace the grit? Brush your hair back with a paddle brush or comb and twist into a low bun or ponytail.

Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat after a workout may seem like an easy way out, but most of us don't always have time to get ready in the morning. Additionally, not everyone is willing to give up 20 minutes of sleep for mirror time.

Hair perfume mist

After refreshing your body and face with perfumes, what about your hair? Fragrant hair mists are ideal for post-workout refreshment since they smell your hair. Hair perfume mists include vitamins.

Curly hair

Use your favourite sulfate-free and alcohol-free style product to twist and scrunch wavy or curly hair to keep curl. Use leave-in conditioner before your workout to moisturise your curls.

Air dry

A short washing and air-drying are OK if your hair doesn't frizz. Pinning back your front hair portions adds a wonderful touch. There are many creative ways to style sweaty exercise hair.