9 Things That Are Banned in the U.S. but Totally Fine Elsewhere

Kinder Surprise Eggs: US vs. the World

America warns of choking hazards, while the world savors chocolate with a side of fun. Ever smuggled chocolate eggs just for the thrill?

Public Drinking: US vs. Germany

Strolling through Berlin with a brew is normal, but try that in NYC and it s ticket time. Cheers to freedom, or nah?

Jaywalking: US vs. UK

In America, jaywalking is frowned upon, but in the UK, it s just walking. Who knew crossing the street could be so rebellious?

Drinking Absinthe: US vs. Czech Republic

America fears the Green Fairy, but in Prague, it s just another spirit. Ready to chase the fairy on a Euro trip?

Hitchhiking: US vs. New Zealand

America sees danger, while New Zealand sees adventure. Fancy a free ride through Middle-earth?

Kinder Eggs: America's Ban

Because they re worth mentioning twice. America, land of the free, home of the banned chocolate eggs.

Plastic Bags: US vs. Rwanda

America debates, Rwanda acts. Plastic bags are a no-go. Ever thought your shopping could be so controversial?

Raw Milk: US vs. France

In America, raw milk is practically a narcotic. In France, it s just breakfast. Got milk& vending machines?

Online Gambling: US vs. UK

America can t decide, while the UK bets on open and regulated. Fancy a wager on American indecision?