9 Old-Fashioned Summer Recipes You Need To Make

Tomato pie

Summer tomatoes are wonderful for this southern cuisine. Using a store-bought crust, bake this savoury pie with chopped fresh tomatoes and basil and a creamy mayonnaise-cheese combination.

Taco Salad

For 80s kids, their parents served this on the back deck on a summer night when it was too hot to cook. This easy throwback requires ground beef (or shredded chicken), fresh lettuce, chilli beans.

Vintage Potato Salad

Your grandmother's secret ingredient for creamy potato salad? Evaporated milk! This unhealthy dish blends evaporated milk's smoothness with tangy vinegar for that familiar flavour.

Egg Salad

A few eggs must be peeled to enjoy this family-friendly, budget-friendly hearty salad. Mustard and paprika provide flavour.

Corn on the Cob

Grilled corn with lime and chilli is a summer favourite. Maybe you still prepare it. Put the cob on the grill after foiling it with butter, chilli powder, cayenne, lime zest, and juice.

Classic Succotash

Because of its hearty lima beans and fresh summer corn, this vibrant salad has been a favourite among those who like a side dish for decades.

Marinated Tomatoes

With this simple recipe that can be prepared in advance, you can make use of all those leftover tomatoes. Simply whisk the ingredients in a jar, and then pour them over the fruit to marinade it.

Old Fashioned Cucumber Salad

There are numerous summer cucumber salad recipes, but this dill and vinegar version tastes like grandma's. This mayo-based, tangy salad is ideal for grilling.

Layered Greek Dip

We believe it's time to bring back this dip with hummus, feta, olives, and fresh vegetables from a summer party. It's excellent and a showstopper if you stack it correctly.