9 Natural Nail Care Products For Strengthening

Use A Cuticle Oil Daily

Cuticle oil hydrates the cuticle and nail bed, making it an essential step in nail care whether you're developing nails or just want them to look their best.

Consider Biotin

A shortage of biotin may cause brittle, peeling nails, so you may want to take more vitamin B.

Invest In A 'Soft' Nail File

According to session manicurist Ami Streets, glass nail files are longer-lasting and easier to clean, although a'soft' file is better.

Nourish Your Nail Beds

This vitamin, often known as folic acid, repairs and multiplies nail cells, speeding growth and improving nail health. It also strengthens and prevents peeling.

Upgrade Your Nail Polish Remover

However, those with high acetone concentrations, which quickly dissolve nail polish, might dry up weak nails and cause peeling, flaking, and splitting.

Give BIAB A Go

The Gel Bottle's educator, Beth Davis, says this will strengthen and lengthen your natural nails by adding a protective layer and a robust surface to reduce wear and tear.

Eat A Nail-Friendly Diet

Forget all the crash-diet garbage you've been sold for decades the ideal diet for all-around health, including nails, is varied.

Never Pick Your Nails

Peeling off month-old gels is enticing, but it merely removes the top layer of your nails and makes them weak and thin.

Try A Keratin Treatment

Nails are comprised of keratin, like hair. Keratin treatments strengthen and prevent breakage in brittle nails.