9 Nail art techniques for achieving ombre nails

French Ombré

This gradient technique, once known as pink ombré nails, now comes in almost every color combination, but this easy alternative is always a winner.

Gold Foil Ombré

Gold foil enhances any manicure, especially ombré designs. To make a gold gradient, start with a clear or solid base then add gold flicks to the tips. These look wonderful with acrylic or clear gel nail extensions.

Rainbow Ombré

Ombre rainbow nails are a wonderful way to use your favorite colors. These manicure designs are fun and suitable for vacations or warmer weather. Use any colors you like, but remember ROYGBIV. 

Black Ombré

The black ombré may be the most sexy and toughest to do at home. Blending nude and black into a seamless slope requires careful attention, but the rewards are worth it.

Sunset Ombré

This design's pink, orange, and yellow tones welcome summer and show off brilliant colors. Perfect ombré: the key? To apply polish to a cosmetic sponge, mix the colors into a delicate gradient. 

Holographic Ombré

The hoverboards and flying cars we dreamed as kids have failed, but holographic ombré nails are exciting. This style requires a complementary solid and glitter holographic hue like the COLOR CLUB Polish Duo in Teal for Two and You Snooze You Lose!.

Glitter Ombré

Glitter nail art is ideal for making a statement without speaking, so don't limit it to accent nails. Glitter gradients are perfect for holiday or everyday glam (no glam-shaming!), and they dazzle without overwhelming your nail.

Matte Ombré

Unique, edgy, adaptable. Matte polish enhances any appearance, but ombré manicure designs make it noticeable. Play with any polish with the JULIEG Matte Top Coat to get the ideal matte.

Marble Ombré

This distinctive nail design will set you apart. Marble ombré nails combine two trends and will get you compliments. Blue creates a hazy ombré effect, while yellow and red/orange create flame-inspired nails.