9 Low-maintenance perennial plants for busy gardeners

Frikart's Aster

This kind of aster is a perennial that requires little maintenance, is resistant to disease, and blooms for a long time. Its light purple blooms open constantly in July and continue until the first frost.


Lemongrass is a low-maintenance perennial plant that has flavour indoors and curb appeal outdoors. You may chop off the leaves to use as cooking and tea herbs.

Blue Wild Indigo

This big, deciduous perennial has blue-green leaves and early-summer spikes of pea-like, purplish flowers.

Sweetheart Epimedium

This is the epimedium type for drought-tolerant situations that requires the least amount of care: the sweetheart epimedium is the perfect perennial plant.

Purple Wood Sage

This sage displays himself for a long time. In late spring and early summer, it produces an abundance of violet flowers atop its dark purple spikes.

Dwarf Plumbago

The sapphire-blue flowers of the dwarf plumbago are one of the best low-maintenance perennials for late-summer appeal, adding a unique colour to your garden.

Black-Eyed Susan

The beautiful dark centres and golden petals of the effortlessly radiant and perennially attractive black-eyed Susan provide a burst of light to any scene.

Russian Sage

The robust Russian sage plant gives maximum impact with little maintenance.


A busy gardener's dream, coneflowers require little maintenance. The big, eye-catching composite flowers of this perennial plant are its most notable characteristic.