8 Top Haircuts for Men & Hairstyles You Need to Try in 2024

Ivy League Cut

The Ivy League cut, inspired by Korean styles and popularized by celebrities, is trending globally. This chic, polished variation of the classic crew cut is a must-have for its sleek appeal.

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is back in 2024, popular for its simplicity and natural texture. This style features longer hair on top, shorter sides, and a matte finish for understated elegance.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is back, trending in Western and ASEAN countries. With Y2K vibes and celebrity influence, it s a stylish, low-maintenance choice that s both sharp and chic.

Perm, Curly Hair

Curly hair is making a bold comeback in Europe and East Asia. Embrace the perm for a fresh, adventurous look that's easy to style and perfect for expressing your unique style!

Curly Undercut, Spain Curls

The curly undercut, featuring Japan's "Spain curl" trend, captivates with its bold ridge and dynamic curls. This striking style combines precision and playfulness for a fresh, daring look.

Textured Quiff Mohawk

The "quiff" hairstyle blends elements of the 1950s flattop, pompadour, and sometimes the mohawk, merging these classic styles into a fresh, distinctive look.

Low Fade & Hard Part

Opt for a hard part to stand out. This side part pairs well with a low fade, creating a classy, modern look as the hair fades towards the edges.

Short Curly Haircut & Low Drop Fade

A neat and polished look for curly hair is achievable with this style. Embrace your natural curls by opting for drop fades, which blend seamlessly behind the ears, enhancing the curly top.