8 Farmhouse Living Rooms To Make You Feel Cozy

Add a Color Accent

While the farmhouse aesthetic focuses on neutrals, you can elevate your decor with color accents. Marie Flanigan Interiors added definition to this airy living room with traditional barn red detailing.

Show Off Collectibles

Leanne Ford Interiors infused a 1920s LA hunting cabin with a farmhouse vibe using whitewashed wood, a rustic stone fireplace, and visible ceiling beams. Personal objects scattered around add a collected-over-time feel.

Source a Vintage Mantel

Add authenticity by sourcing vintage and antique pieces. Becca Interiors highlighted a brick fireplace with a vintage natural wood mantel in a beaded shiplap-clad coastal farmhouse living room in Southampton Village, NY.

Try a White Farmhouse Floor

Paint floorboards white for a Scandi-inspired farmhouse feel. In this cozy living room, a vintage-style Antiques sign on the rustic wood mantel complements the all-white room.

Mix and Match Styles

Create an authentic farmhouse feel by mixing and matching furniture styles. Kara Mann chose an eclectic mix of furniture and decor in a Connecticut farmhouse, focusing on the room's original character with simple lines, small windows, and rustic dark wood ceiling beams.

Add Overstuffed Seating

This farmhouse living room from AHG Interiors features a rustic stone fireplace flanked by an overstuffed chaise, offering a cozy place to curl up by the fire.

Highlight Natural Stone

In a transitional living room, highlight natural materials for a farmhouse feel. A rustic stone wall is the focal point of this space by Marie Flanigan Interiors.

Accent With Moody Paint

Use moody paint to create a cozy feel. Mindy Gayer Design Co. uses matte black paint on the fireplace and wall of open storage, adding a grounding note in a room with soaring ceilings and pale wood exposed beams. Accents like landscape paintings and an upright piano add a homey touch.