8 Closet Lighting Ideas to Brighten Any Wardrobe

1. Pick a Pendant Light With Character

Add personality to your closet by selecting a pendant light with character. A geometric design adds instant intrigue to the space while providing ample brightness throughout.

2. Go Antique

For a storied look, opt for an antique-looking pendant light. Full of charm, its petite size is well-suited for small spaces like closets.

3. Hang Sconces

If you're designing a closet from scratch, consider adding sconces. Plan ahead for wiring or outlets to maximize illumination within your millwork.

4. Stick on Some Strips

Add LED strips to your shelves so you can fully admire your clothing and accessories, even in the dark. This ensures everything is easy to view and access.

5. Embrace Natural Light

If your closet features windows, take advantage of natural sunlight. It highlights your clothes in perfect color with fewer shadows. A simple globe-shaped flush mount can complement the natural light.

6. Go Glam

Opt for a dramatic light fixture to make your closet feel like a luxe boutique. A glamorous pendant light can be a true work of art in your space.

7. Try a Glass Pendant

Combine recessed lighting with a glass pendant for an elegant look that takes up minimal visual space. A small chandelier can also add a personal flair to your closet.

8. Double Up on Chandeliers

For larger closets, incorporate multiple chandeliers. This not only adds glamour but ensures both ends of the space are well-lit.