7 Nail art ideas inspired by nature

Wonky Smiley

Fleury Rose has to say about the ombré of several nudes as the basis colors is that she adores it. It would be adorable even without the smileys, but we decided to add them anyway.

Earthy Tips

The base of this lovely manicure is natural, and it has a geometric brown, earthy brown, and cream tip. A great deal of interest is added to the overall appearance

Side Swirl

In this design, one half of the nail is left natural while the other half is given the design. The design is created by using a colorful mixture of a number of polishes from Gucci Beauty.

Lime Line

One of the nails is adorned with a lime green diagonal line that runs down each nail, which provides a splash of color to an otherwise stark appearance.

Reptile Tips

Rose believes that the color white is an excellent compliment to the design of the naked snake. A gradient effect is created by the design, which begins to be more opaque

Autumn Squiggles

In spite of the fact that the navy blue and terracotta that are used in this design are pretty thick, there is a great deal of empty space in this design.

French Tips

In the world of natural nail art, French Tips are the best. Aprés Sculpted Almond Long gel-x tips, which cost seventeen dollars, were used to finish off this stunning combination.