7 Hair accessories for updos and braids


Hairpins are available in a variety of forms and lengths, such as hair sticks, U-shaped pins, and bobby pins. They are ideal for tying off stray hair and creating elaborate braids.

Hair Clips

Hair clips, like claw or barrettes, can give your braids and updos more flair and usefulness. They are available in a variety of sizes and patterns, so you can customize the appearance to suit your tastes.


Depending on the shape and material, headbands can give your haircut a dash of sophistication or fun. Simple, thin headbands are ideal for a timeless style, while adorned headbands offer a more glitzy appearance.

Hair Ties

Hair ties with elastic bands are necessary to keep braids, buns, and ponytails in place. To prevent breakage and damage, pick hair ties that are kind to your hair.

Hair Combs

Braids and updos can be adorned with decorative hair combs. They give your hairdo a sophisticated touch and available in a variety of designs, such as floral themes, pearls, or crystals.

Hair Scarves or Ribbons

Hair ribbons or scarves can be used to accessorize braids or updos with color, texture, and personality. These are adaptable accessories that may be worn in a variety of ways, such weaving through a braid or encircling a bun.

Hair Jewelry

Hair accessories like chains, rings, or cuffs can give your braids and updos a distinctive and fashionable look. Because they are made of different materials and designs, you can match your hairdo to your own unique style.